Apple 今天正式推出 Final Cut Pro X 10.4.4 的重大更新 (以下簡稱 FCP X)



Workflow extensions

[*]Extend the capabilities of Final Cut Pro with third-party extensions that open directly within the app interface
[*]Drag and drop clips between the extension window, browser, and timeline
[*]Connect to existing third-party accounts to access projects, download media, and purchase content
[*]Deep integration allows extensions to control timeline playback, navigation, clip markers, and more
[*]Workflow extensions include tools for collaboration (, stock media (Shutterstock), and asset management (CatDV)

Batch share

[*]Export and transcode multiple clips in the browser — with or without a camera lookup table (LUT) — for fast turnaround of dailies and other reviews
[*]Select and export multiple projects
[*]Combine batch sharing with bundles to encode multiple files to multiple formats in one step
[*]Monitor export progress in the background tasks window


Video noise reduction

[*]Apply the high-quality, drag-and-drop noise reduction effect to reduce grain and video noise
[*]Use simple controls to quickly adjust the look and amount of noise reduction
[*]Easily change processing order by dragging the noise reduction effect in the inspector
[*]The viewer shows the noise reduction effect when paused and disables the effect when skimming for optimal performance
[*]Apply 360° noise reduction to 360° video clips while preserving a flawless seam

[del]但是殘酷的告訴各位,目前這功能只會在iMac Pro上面出現,其他機種都不會出現




剛剛蘇老師回報,這個Video noise reduction只要從下方效果拖到影片上面,就會在inspector上面看到了



Timecode window

[*]View project and source timecode in one or more floating timecode windows
[*]Resize the timecode window and drag any one to a second screen
[*]Choose to display clip names and role names
[*]Color coding in the timecode window matches the colors of roles in the timeline

Comparison Viewer

[*]Open the Comparison Viewer to reference other frames for consistent color grading across your project
[*]Quickly select the previous or next clip in the timeline as your reference frame
[*]Save any image to the frame browser to reference it later in the Comparison Viewer

這是我最想要的功能!! Tiny Planet

Tiny Planet

[*]Select the Tiny Planet mapping option when adding 360º video to a non-360° project to create interesting spherical looks
[*]Use the roll and tilt parameters to wrap your tiny planet effect into an infinite cylinder
[*]Adjust the pan parameter to move your subject horizontally within the tiny planet
[*]Animate the field of view to transition from a close up to a satellite view flying high above your footage
[*]Give 360° titles and generators a powerfully warped look by applying the Tiny Planet mapping option



Other new features

[*]View, edit, and deliver closed captions in the SRT format, which is used by a wide range of websites including Facebook
[*]Choose to burn closed captions into your video to ensure they appear at all times during playback
[*]When dragging in the timeline to select a secondary storyline, you can now select individual clips or the entire secondary storyline
[*]Instantly turn any photo or video into a comic book illustration using Comic filter then refine the comic book look with simple controls to adjust ink edges, fill, and smoothness
[*]New 360° transitions include Gaussian Blur, Bloom, and a collection of wipes to seamlessly transition from one 360º clip to another
[*]Typing the first few letters of a font name jumps directly to the font in the list

360° video

[*]360° clips added to equirectangular projects display correctly in auditions
[*]Fixes an issue where clicking the delete keyframe button when adjusting orientation incorrectly added a keyframe
[*]Fixes an issue where the keyframe navigation buttons disappear while adjusting orientation
[*]Resetting the orientation when using a VR headset correctly resets the Y axis
[*]Option dragging a connected 360º clip maintains orientation
[*]Dragging the orientation tool vertically in the Viewer using the on screen controls works correctly
[*]Adding equirectangular media to a connected storyline that contains 360° video media remains equirectangular


[*]Volume control is adjustable for a selected, connected clip
[*]Audio playback continues when resetting the peak indicators
[*]Audio playback continues when changing pan mode on an audio component
[*]Changing audio configuration of a clip properly clears any soloed audio components
[*]Fixes an issue where disabling and reenabling audio channels when previewing an audio effect in the effects browser caused audio to be inaudible
[*]Fixes an issue where audio meters of third-party audio plug-ins became unresponsive when changing the order of audio effects in the Audio inspector

Closed Captions

[*]Fixes an issue where disabling an invalid caption would hide other captions in the Viewer
[*]Embedded captions in shared files now display as expected in QuickTime Player 7
[*]Extract Captions from detached audio clips with embedded captions functions as expected
[*]Fixes an issue where the position of an ITT caption was not being saved when set as default
[*]Fixes an issue where captions couldn’t be embedded when connected to secondary storylines
[*]Fixes an issue where clicking on a CEA-608 caption near the end of a project caused Final Cut Pro to stop saving changes
[*]Captions can be double-clicked in the caption index to open them in the Caption editor in the timeline
[*]Caption timing is honored when copying and pasting captions between projects
[*]Fixes an issue where Lane Headers unexpectedly move when selecting a caption and scrolling vertically

Color Correction

[*]Fixes an issue where the display order of LUTs after import were appearing alphabetically based on the content of folders
[*]Color Wheels accurately reflect the values set when using the color picker to choose a color
[*]Fixes an issue where duplicate sets of built-in color presets were sometimes visible in the Effects browser
[*]Reference level line in the waveform monitor remains locked in place until you click to move it or drag it out of the waveform monitor display to remove it
[*]Color, Saturation, and Brightness controls under the color wheels can be reset individually within the Master, Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights controls
[*]Fixes an issue where 10-bit HEVC rec.2020 HLG media in a Wide Gamut library would cause Final Cut Pro to quit unexpectedly
[*]Fixes an issue when manually white-balancing a 50fps HDR clip in an HDR library and project would cause Final Cut Pro to quit unexpectedly


[*]Option clicking an audio effects preset opens all controls for each individual effect in the preset


[*]Fixes an issue where color correcting an angle in the angle editor would cause the playhead to move unexpectedly to the beginning of the timeline


[*]Select All no longer selects secondary storylines and toggles selection of components based on role of clip in selection


[*]Selected connected clips now properly follow the pointer and get placed where positioned in a non-zero starting project timeline
[*]Fixes an issue where an audio only clip in a connected story line plays video frames from the source clip that the audio is attached to
[*]Option-selecting connected clips now properly duplicates the expected clips in a non-zero starting project timeline
[*]Fixes an issue where connecting clips to a primary storyline draws overlapping audio components in expanded lanes
[*]Double clicking to add an effect adds it to the top clip at the playhead position
[*]Join Clips and Join Captions combined into a single command in the Command Editor


[*]Core Text engine ensures accurate display of Arabic letters, Indic vowel signs in Devanagari and Thai diacritics


[*]Shape and Effect Mask values properly transfer via XML